Bike/Ped Advisory Committee

Urban & Rural Sketch Maps

During the December and January meetings of the Bike/Ped Advisory Committee, attendees were split into four sub-groups to help gather inventory and desired outcomes from the bike-ped plan. Urban-Ped and Urban-Bike focused on Georgetown, while Rural-Ped and Rural-Bike concentrated on Sadieville, Stamping Ground, and the rest of Scott County.

Each group was given a large map of their assigned area a box of markers, and the following prompts:

  • What changes or improvements would you like to see in yoru respective sub-group area? Think in terms of goals/objectives.
  • What are some of the major commuting or transportation corridors for your user-type and geographic area?
  • Identify hot spots or road/sidewalk lengths of concern.

You can view the results* of this exercise by scrolling down. Use the layer selector in the top-right corner of each map to toggle the results from the bike and pedestrian sub-groups for each respective area.

*Scroll-wheel zooming is disabled on the maps. Use the zoom buttons (+/-) to zoom in. Alternatively, you can double-click to zoom in on a location or Shift + double-click to zoom out.


Scott County (incl. Sadieville & Stamping Ground)